Chris Koller Crop

Chris Koller.

VP, Brand Experience

With over a decade of experience in managing brands as a business asset, Chris joins Huge's Brooklyn headquarters as the VP of Brand Experience. Chris has owned and managed a leading brand and design firm with offices in South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria, and brings with him not only deep brand strategy expertise but also experience in building a business in emerging markets. Chris' international experience — he has worked across four of the world's continents, and lived in both Seoul and New York City — deepens his current role, which he describes as "redefining the role of brand and brand strategy in a natively technological world”.

Chris believes that the rich, in-depth, niche expertise of a brand strategist is as relevant and critical as ever; however, the applications of that expertise and the insights it generates have changed drastically. At Huge, the focus is on the user. Chris's views on brand and marketing go beyond "Say + Do”: he obsesses over "Enable". Brands build equity not through broadcasting a message but through dialogue, engagement and experience, leveraging their true capability to satisfy their users' often unspoken needs. While living in New York for the last three years, Chris has had the pleasure of working with brands such as Morgan Stanley, Thomson Reuters, Microsoft, NYSE, HP and AT&T. Chris received a bachelor’s degree in clinical psychology from Rhodes University and a PDM in business administration from Wits Business School. Both psychologically and commercially speaking, Chris doesn't believe in making people want brands. Instead, he sees his role at Huge as helping client partners make brands people want.

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