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Huge and EA Sports give NBA fans what they really want: an app that puts them in the game.

What more could a basketball fan want than the chance to be an NBA player themselves? Working with Huge, EA Sports — Electronic Arts’ powerhouse brand behind popular video games such as Madden NFL and FIFA — created a companion app for its hotly anticipated NBA LIVE 16 that takes player personalization to a new level. 

EA spent years working on NBA LIVE 16’s player experience — focusing on things like live-motion game mechanics — in the run up to the release, but EA’s users were also calling for a more personal experience. So EA went to Huge to design and develop NBA LIVE Companion, an app that allows fans to use their mobile device to create and customize themselves as an NBA player. Our goal was to make player creation a seamless experience across devices and encourage users to then share their avatars with friends. 

Enhanced personalization is part of the game.

For users to generate their high-resolution, 3-D rendering, we designed a simplified experience on top of GameFace HD scanning technology. Users look to the right, left, and center, and within a few minutes, receive an accurate scan of their face. From there, users can choose from a variety of physical attributes such as hairstyle and body type for increased personalization.

Swift onboarding and utility features cut to the chase.

Through a step-by-step approach, users get a few tips about how to scan, helping them to create a reliable render. The app syncs with users’ EA accounts so they can see the player they’ve created in the video game itself, and go on to compete with their friends’ player-personas. 

Building awareness through social sharing.

Users can share their customized players on their social channels and connect with friends right from the app, increasing awareness of the app and game. 


The app hit the iTunes and Google Play stores on September 15, 2015, in advance of the late-September launch of NBA LIVE 16. Continuing to tune in to its user base, EA has seen fan engagement with the app, with many scanning and sharing their players on social networks. The app’s launch raised the profile and momentum for the game’s release, and positions EA Sports as a leader in delivering world-class solutions for what customers want.

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