The new is a global news portal: delivering the emotion and passion in international sports to both sports fanatics and casual browsers, consistently across all screens.

Eurosport is the world’s leading sports news entertainment group, with the number one pan-European TV-channel and online sports destination seeing 23 million unique users each month.

In 2013 the proportion of users accessing via mobile and tablet devices hit 40%. To reach its goal of eight million users per day, Eurosport needed to ensure each user had a great experience, no matter where they were or what device they were using to access the site. 

Eurosport approached Huge to create a multichannel experience that works across all screens. The site needed to use innovative techniques and leverage Eurosport's deep insight into the mindset of sports fans to capture the imagination of their users and keep them coming back to the site day in and day out.

Huge deployed a multinational team of our own sports fans to work on the site: London for project planning and UX leadership, Rio de Janeiro for UX and visual design, and Brooklyn for front-end development, all working alongside Eurosport’s new media department based in Paris.

While casual sports fans actually consume more content than sports fanatics, Huge created design templates that worked to inspire both audiences. The new allows users to curate their news feed by selecting their preferred sports and teams, personalising their experience and making it immediately relevant on every visit. 

Editorial on the site is image-led, with an image treatment providing a unique identity to all Eurosport’s images, giving the experience a consistent feel across the site without compromising the site's performance. 

Each article - whether a story, live news, opinion, blog, or video - is part of a larger story, constructed automatically to provide users with complete insight into each news topic without having to navigate between different categories. 

As users read each article, an innovative scrolling feature loads the next story, meaning the user never reaches the bottom of the page and can immerse themselves in the latest news, a particular sport, even a search term.

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Finally, the site is fully responsive. The new provides an immersive experience optimised for all screens - from connected TV, to desktop, to tablet. 

The new is available in eight international markets: France, Sweden, Russia, Turkey, the Middle East, Asia, China, and Australia.

At the height of the World Cup, achieved its best ever digital daily performance on Wednesday July 9, with 8.4 million viewers connecting through online and mobile.

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