A digital showcase for the world’s most modern timepieces.

Showcasing innovation and craftmanship.

Hublot needed to show people what it means to own a Hublot. Huge was asked to help showcase Hublot's story, innovation, and craftsmanship in a way that would inspire users to visit the luxury boutiques and department stores in which the watches are sold.

The starting point was to recognise the rich relationship between Hublot and their clients, showing how Hublot is inspired to innovate by Hublot owners themselves.

Let the products tell the story.

We created a high ­impact yet simple user experience in, defined by product demonstration and rich editorial content. A key part of Hublot's brand is its collaboration on products with people, brands and events as diverse as Ferrari, Depeche Mode, the Dallas Cowboys and the World Cup. We gathered these together under the umbrella of "The Originals" and created product pages that allowed the full story each collaboration to be told properly.

We defined and executed a new creative proposition across devices and supported Hublot's tech team to ensure smooth delivery. From wireframes, visual design and a style guide, to interactive prototypes and build support, we worked together with an interdisciplinary and agile team. Product designers worked closely with UX and visual design teams to rapidly prototype each page component and template across all breakpoints. Finally, we employed 3D modeling and in-house post-­production to create a premium display for Hublot's most desirable timepieces.

Pursuing an agile approach from the outset accelerated the prototyping process and reduced the number of wireframes we needed to produce, freeing the team to focus on bringing the products to life online.

Making it easy to find the perfect watch.

Hublot has an incredible range of timepieces. Content strategists devised a simple navigation system for the new site, with a reduced set of logical filters, making it easier for users to find the right product for them. Bold product imagery puts the watchmaker's eye for detail at the center of each story and highlights the unique character of every watch.

The new is more than a functional product experience, instead it conveys the Hublot lifestyle directly to its audience.

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