The new helps redefine the Lexus brand for the next generation of drivers.

A new audience for an iconic brand.

On the heels of the launch of the bold, new Lexus IS, Lexus recognized a powerful market opportunity to appeal to a new, younger audience. Of course, it would be important to stay relevant to brand fans at the same time. This called for rejuvenating in order to create a better experience - one that would meet user needs while providing a strong, emotional connection to the brand. 

The existing Lexus digital ecosystem was focused on product details and the sales funnel between web browsing and finding a dealership - features that were popular with mature shoppers, but weren't resonating with new consumers. Lexus wanted to update to engage wider audiences. To do it, the new site needed to tell an engaging brand story that would speak to younger luxury car buyers, imparting an understanding of what it means to own a Lexus and be part of the Lexus community.

The new site also needed to reflect Lexus’ continuous innovation and provide a fast-moving, responsive experience. Collaborating with Team One on content and images and Hitachi Consulting on the 'Build Your Lexus Configurator', Huge delivered on this promise and brought the brand to a new level of engagement with online shoppers. 

Responsive design brings the showroom to drivers, wherever they are.

Huge rebuilt using a service-oriented architecture based on cutting-edge open source software standards. Rich product information, engaging branding, regionalized content, and streamlined navigation were the guiding principles of the new site strategy. Even complex user interactions, like comparing models, configuring a car, and finding a dealer can be completed regardless of device due to the site's responsive design, which provides users with an application-like experience.

How we built it.

The look is clean and modern, featuring bold imagery with intuitive navigation. The new design encourages users to explore, customize, and compare Lexus vehicles – providing deep interactions that reflect and complement a showroom visit and test drive. The front-end and back-end redesign and replatforming was an end-to-end endeavor, executed in close partnership with the enterprise architecture and development operations team. The project required replatforming, transitioning from an aging, proprietary system stack to a more flexible, cost-efficient stack using the latest open source stack technologies.

Our content strategy team built a central asset repository to create consistency throughout and its affiliated campaigns, reflecting the brand’s updated identity with beautiful images, content, and videos.

The site redesign modernizes the application logic to be more flexible and service-oriented. A new API allows Lexus to handle sales leads in a more streamlined and robust way. With a new, updated front-end build process, Huge was able to extend the enterprise’s Continuous Integration environment to address the growth of client-side development. By upgrading and reorganizing the enterprise’s CMS ecosystem, we made it possible for administrators to update information in one central place and syndicate it to other Lexus properties. 

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The result is faster time to market for new features, increased development speed for site enhancements, and a high-performing, fully responsive online destination for Lexus. In addition to a 9-point increase for on the J.D. Power Automotive Manufacturer Web site ranking, referrals to Lexus Dealers have increased by 45% since launch and there has been a 78% increase in builds per visit.

More Work.

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