Introducing Click and Collect, Canada’s first ecommerce experience for groceries.

A better way to grocery shop.

Loblaws is a leading Canadian grocery chain with the mission of putting the needs and well-being of its customers first. To offer the best customer service in the Canadian grocery market, Loblaws and Huge have partnered to launch Click and Collect. The new service will transform The way Canadians shop for groceries: customers can order online and pick up in store.

Loblaw asked Huge to design an eCommerce site that could educate consumers about the benefits of the Click and Collect service, while making them comfortable that they're getting the same savings and quality products that they would receive in-store.

Enable convenience and emphasize value.

The target audience, Canadian moms, is constantly on the go. These shoppers want to know that they are getting the highest quality at a good price, and are always looking for ways to get their grocery shopping done faster to gain more time for the things they love. While Canadian customers are comfortable shopping in-store, they may not be conscious of the pain points involved. Click and Collect enables customers to accomplish their grocery shopping in the fastest and easiest way possible, while providing the familiar experience they expect from their favorite local grocery store.

Personalization is a primary driver of the experience

We designed a touch-first, responsive platform that personalizes the shopping journey. The visual design style reflects the in-store branding, which is focused on showcasing the quality of products while putting savings first and foremost.

Click and Collect Body Image

Personalization is a primary driver of the experience. Integration with the brand's loyalty program allows customers to access past purchases easily, just by linking their account. As customers continue to shop, the site features recently purchased and related items with Quick Shop, a core site element that allows customers to view and shop past purchases according to frequency of purchase, date of purchase, category and favorites.

Responsive design was particularly important given our busy, multi-tasking target audience. Accessibility across devices allows customers to add to their shopping list wherever they are and check out when they're ready.

An easy way to find your favorite products.

Click and Collect flattens the shopping experience to help customers navigate a deep online assortment, while surfacing relevant product information with as few clicks as possible. Multi Search allows users to search for an entire shopping list at one time. Understanding that moms generally know what they're looking for, we made it possible to add to cart directly from any product grid, and enabled comprehensive Quick Views to allow for frictionless cart building. The Cart Starter allows customers to start shopping and ease into the online assortment through system-generated product suggestions based on attributes of the shopper, such as family size, pets, and dietary preferences.

Click and Collect offers unprecedented convenience while preserving the in-store experience that Loblaws shoppers love – an easier way to grocery shop.

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