A redesign of that does justice to the museum's exceptional design standards.

In 2011, MoMA tasked Huge with redesigning, home to a curated selection of some of the world’s best designed products, accessories and home items. Partnering closely with MoMA's own senior curators and designers, together we created a unique ecommerce experience that supports the museum's formidable brand and reputation and fosters the same joy of discovery visitors experience while browsing the physical store and museum. 

Product Pages Worthy of Products In the Museum Collection.

Because every product sold at MoMA Stores has been reviewed and approved by MoMA’s curators - and many are also represented in the Museum’s design collection - product pages for the new needed to be flexible enough to support exhibition level design objects as well as souvenir keepsakes. was redesigned to feature a collection of smart, playful product page templates, allowing MoMA’s well-edited selection of items to be displayed in as large a format as possible. Product specifications are clearly listed with every product to demonstrate the designer, materials, year of creation and country of origin, similar to the details provided when artwork is displayed in gallery. 

A New Vibrant Style Guide and an Iconic Typeface.

Huge is privileged to have closely partnered with the Museum of Modern Art and their renowned curators and design team on the translation of the museum store experience and brand to the web. The museum is known for playing a leading role in defining and promoting the values of "Good Design" which is a shared core value and a responsibility the Huge team took on with great consideration. 

The store and the museum had recently undergone a colorful rebranding to convey an approachability to welcome visitors and playful discovery. To take advantage of the unique and vibrant color palette present in the new MoMA Style Guide, the header and homepage hero area was designed to accommodate a range of color changes that could be applied at MoMA’s discretion. The site also utilizes a version of the iconic Gothic typeface of the MoMA that appears on the majority of exhibition walls, creating a highly recognizable connection to the museum brand.

Supporting The Museum's Educational Mission.

As an extension of the Museum’s educational mission, the product pages also were designed to provide flexibility in the amount of content that could be displayed and could scale to provide richer page content to include expanded descriptions on the background history of the product, the designer or time period. This was especially important for the pieces that were actually in the museum collection.

The Joy of Discovery.

A key part of shopping in the physical store is the experience of finding inspiration in products you didn’t know you were looking for. Huge created a wealth of discoverable placements for product recommendations as users navigate throughout the site. The main navigation includes bright, colorful product images in the menu and sub navigation on product pages expands by subcategory to reveal additional product inspiration. The bottom of every product page has large, bold related product and when a user adds a product to their cart or are in checkout they are shown items other customers purchased so there are always opportunities to discover new ideas. 

For users who are seeking something specific, Huge enagaged in an content strategy and a card sorting exercise with users to organize the breadth of product groupings and classifications under broad simple categories to make it as easy as possible for visitors to the store to find exactly what they were looking for. 

MoMA fixed

Complex checkout scenarios.

The formerly arduous checkout process has been transformed into a seamless and beautiful experience.

For a seemingly straightforward shopping site, MoMA had over 130 different use case scenarios for checkout with variable considerations for members, non-members, gift delivery to multiple addresses and international shipping options. We streamlined the experience into as few steps as possible and ensured it was an elegant experience throughout. 

The wealth of product recommendations, the ease in finding product and the large imagery which gives buyers more confidence when making higher ticket purchases led to MoMA seeing it’s overall average order value increase. The site was well received in the design and retail communities. It was lauded as one of the most beautiful e-commerce sites and went on to win 8 design and retail experience awards.

More Work.

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