A database to inspire sustainable design choices in the creative community.

The power of materials to change the world.

Nike has always made the best athletic performance apparel and footwear on the planet. Now they want designers to make the best apparel and footwear for the planet as well.

Over the course of eight years, the brand has completed an analysis of 45 base materials, scoring each one in four key areas: water, waste, energy, and chemistry. This scoring framework is called the Nike Materials Sustainability Index. Nike asked Huge to make this resource — which comprises over 40,000 pieces of information — accessible and easy to navigate. Our goal was to help Nike get the message out so designers could make the most informed decisions for sustainable design.

Using environmentally responsible materials can play a big role in making things better.

When considered from origin through to purchase, materials make up 60% of Nike’s environmental footprint for apparel and 40% for footwear. Using environmentally responsible materials can play a big role in making things better. In order to push sustainability into the dialogue, we needed to develop and share a common language and score.

The Nike Materials Sustainability Index.

From rubber to EVA foam and beyond, the Making app includes materials that are commonly used within footwear design, providing the most pertinent information and enabling users to make real-time, predictive decisions. Powered by the Nike Materials Sustainability Index, Making gives designers high-level insights around key materials and helpful comparisons in order to select environmentally responsible materials from better suppliers. We also added insights about each material including common usages, performance characteristics, and data sources.

We introduced tips for improving the environmental impact of designs along with a powerful comparison tool that allows users to compare and contrast the sustainability attributes of materials. All of this is wrapped up in a friendly, colorful user interface that makes discovering, filtering, and sharing sustainability data easy and approachable.

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