The ultimate destination for sneakers puts fans at the center of Nike's business.

Nike is famous for making some of the world's most coveted sneakers. To connect directly with its community of sneaker lovers, Nike created SNKRS, to provide fans with exclusive access to the latest news and stories behind the brand's always-evolving — and always sought-after — lines of shoes. 

Because one of the fastest ways for Nike to drive online sales growth is to make it as easy as possible for Nike fans to purchase the products they desperately want, SNKRS is designed as a platform that gives Nike fans early and exclusive access to the products they love. The goal was a central location to find, share and purchase the coolest sneakers that Nike makes; all in a user friendly app that’s both informative and fast. Now, instead of visiting other websites to learn about Nike product and drop information, Nike sneaker fans finally have a destination in which they can get everything they need directly from the brand they love. 

Addressing the unique needs of a loyal community.

Nike SNKRS is designed to give fans exactly what they want. By letting fans follow the lines they care about (some people only care about AirMax, while others just want to see the latest Jordan releases; male basketball fans don't need to see women's running shoes), SNKRS is always informative and relevant. By allowing users to customize their SNKRS experience, Nike SNKRS always serves the user with exactly the right content to keep him or her engaged with Nike while discovering new products and buying their favorites. 

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Nike worked with Huge to design a seamless user experience for Nike SNKRS, giving users access to every detail about the shoes they're interested in with the touch of a finger. Leveraging Nike's minimalist yet polished product photography, Huge designed a system of feeds, cards and threads to serve the user only the content that interests them. For deeper detail, users can click into the thread to learn more, or continue browsing at the feed level for an array of products curated to their taste. With one-touch buying, Nike SNKRS enables users to quickly purchase a shoes guaranteed to sell out in seconds.

Building anticipation for the app launch.

Designed for iOS and Android, SNKRS, the ultimate mobile application for fans of Nike footwear was launched in February 2015. The app initially launched with a guerilla campaign encouraging fans to call a toll-free number and correctly answer sneaker trivia in order to gain exclusive access to the application. A limited number of passes were made available in order to build word of mouth and manage demand. With traffic on mobile exceeding desktop immediately after launch, SNKRS was made available to the general public, driving massive increases in mobile sales. 

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After one month, the app had 20K users and had generated $500K in sales. With SNKRS traffic, mobile has now surpassed desktop online sales for Nike. With overwhelming adoption and mobile sales, the app continues to be a success for Nike.

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