Nike Tech Book.

Giving fans early access to the best of Nike’s innovation in sportswear.

With its constantly evolving line of premium, performance driven athletic gear, Nike Sportswear embodies the latest in cutting-edge innovation. So in 2015, Nike set out to create a digital experience to give users the ultimate sneak peek in digital with Tech Book — the brand’s first-ever interactive mobile app and store. 

Building traction both in-store and online.

Nike is world-renowned as one of the most innovative sportswear companies, and this reputation extends to its digital strategies both in-store and in the outside environment. As of 2015, online sales were only a fraction of Nike’s total business. Partnering with Huge, the iconic brand sought to better integrate its online and offline businesses through a creative, immersive experience. 

As brand aficionados, Nike Sportswear fans are eager to learn about new products in anticipation of each exciting product launch. From Sneakerboots to Tech Fleece jackets, parkas and hoodies, the sophistication of these innovative products demands a high benchmark for the user experience design. Highlighting the products and their performance, Huge went beyond the typical look book experience to build immersive, informative and interactive stories and around each item.

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We enlisted popular and relatable athletes including Christiano Ronaldo, Maria Sharapova, Colin Kaepernick, Skylar Diggins, Neymar Jr, Wu Haiyan and Kevin Durant to model the gear. In addition, Huge created compelling content to educate users on the advantages and innovation of each product, including weather application and resistance. For a 360-degree view of each product, users can swipe, zoom, and browse galleries of interactive photography in Tech Book. They can tap the screen to scroll back, play videos in slow-motion, or change an athlete’s facial expression in a playful way. But perhaps most importantly, they can instantly purchase the product in the mobile app, seamlessly. 

We launched Tech Book in October 2015 in 32 countries and 18 languages, supporting Nike’s goals for global expansion. Users of the Tech Book app receive exclusive early access to the latest innovations from Nike Sportswear. Within a few weeks, downloads doubled expectations and sales of Tech Pack product were unparalleled. 

We also created in-store retail extensions for the application, allowing customers to interact with Tech Book in 100 Nike stores around the world from NYC to Moscow, building a stronger bridge between online and in-store commerce. Backed by user research from the initial launch, we upgraded the app and relaunched in Winter 2015/2016, so it’s now available in up to 30 languages in iOS and Android.

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