Unifying 16 legacy sites in just 75 days with a cohesive redesign, a global e-payment service finds its universal language.

Huge in partnership with Acquia helped PayU accomplish the complex challenge of creating a centralized global marketing platform with a consistent digital brand experience. Speed-to-market was paramount: the redesigned experience was launched in just 75 days. Using a global design approach and technology strategy, we unified 16 legacy sites with a new cohesive experience for a diverse set of customers in markets across four continents. PayU’s new digital environment now connects its growing audience around the world and personalizes the user’s experience. A bright and vibrant colour palette and hand-drawn illustrations give the brand a memorable personality and transfer effectively to different cultures.

Online payments around the world.

PayU, a leader in online payment processing in growth markets, has seen a rapid rise to success, taking them into 16 countries around the world. The company serves four key sets of customers: small to medium-sized businesses, enterprises, developers, and consumers. As PayU grew and became a force in the industry, its web presence however became disparate. The company found itself juggling 16 websites that were disjointed and telling different stories. They wanted to turn this around—as rapidly as possible—by creating a unified, engaging digital environment and deliver a consistent brand experience, regardless of the disparate needs of their customers. 

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Humanizing a financial service.

PayU needed a design and technology solution that would strengthen their positioning as a global player, be universal enough to transfer effectively to many different cultures and markets, and adapt to perform well on lower-grade devices or in poor bandwidth locations. At the same time, PayU needed to differentiate itself from other global financial services brands that often have cold, impersonal websites with muted tones and very little visual distinction. 

Through research and by conducting a content audit, Huge determined the most effective way to tell the PayU story and personalize the user’s experience. In order to simplify the complex information and connect with users emotionally around the globe, Huge recommended that illustration would be the visual key to producing a more inviting and engaging environment for PayU customers. Huge’s visual design teams combined hand-drawn illustration with bright, cheerful colors and created an extensive family of characters, each with its own library of facial expressions and styles. Together with warm photography, the designs are universal enough to transfer effectively to many different cultures and connect PayU’s growing audience with one cohesive experience. 


Buy and sell from anywhere.

Huge and Acquia delivered a technology strategy and designed an efficient and scalable infrastructure that would equip PayU with a centralized, global marketing platform and seamlessly accommodate all of the company’s capabilities, regardless of location. At the core of this idea was embracing cloud platforms and caching services: Acquia Cloud provided the unified platform from which to host this new warm and engaging experience; Akamai’s global CDN infrastructure was added to provide enhanced caching capabilities. 

A new cohesive digital environment has empowered PayU to continue to thrive and grow as a leader in the online payment processing industry.

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