Get Old, a first-of-its kind health & wellness resource, reframes the conversation about aging.

Pfizer Get Old.

Spark the conversation.

Pfizer introduced the Get Old initiative in June 2012 and sparked a new – and different – type of dialogue about aging. The next step was an integrated digital experience with a modern, responsive design that could enable even further community growth and engagement. In late 2013, Pfizer partnered with Huge to find new ways to engage the Get Old community, expand the program’s reach and build greater trust in Pfizer as a leader in improving lives and encouraging healthy living. The challenge was to spark a conversation around a traditionally taboo topic and connect with a new generation in an innovative way.

Engage the right audience.

Get Old had hit all the right notes with the “boomer” audience, but research shows that those in the 35-50 age range also have concerns about growing old. Working with Pfizer and its partners, we used analytics to determine how this audience perceived aging and talked about it on social channels. We learned that this demographic faces anxieties about getting old and having kids, as well as caregiving for their own aging parents. The Get Old initiative needed to deploy a combination of wit and wisdom to draw in the appropriate demographics of users and educate them on aging well to help combat these misconceptions.

The creative design took a lighthearted approach to discussions about aging like sex, memory loss and caregiving.

Fear Less. Live Longer. Get Old.

The relaunch began with a new tagline for the Get Old campaign: “Fear Less. Live Longer. Get Old.” On social media, we adopted a wittier tone and shared more imagery and quotations to increase real-time engagement on Facebook and Twitter platforms.

The creative design took a lighthearted approach to discussions around common issues about aging like sex, memory loss and caregiving. The hashtag #FOGO – Fear of Getting Old – signaled this point of view. And a new FOGO Quiz, which asks users a series of questions about aging and returns a funny “old” persona that they can share on social media, now engages almost 200,000 users per month.

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How we did it.

Huge and Pfizer completely overhauled to serve as a content hub with a clean, modern look, placing a greater emphasis on white space and imagery. By implementing a more robust social engagement strategy, we created a fully integrated, multi-channel digital campaign. At Huge Studio, we produced videos featuring kids talking about getting old: a pint-sized panel of experts addresses common fears about aging, boosting visits with sharable, entertaining content.


All-new out-of-home ads for the Pfizer global headquarters on 42nd Street in Manhattan align the brand’s physical presence with the humorous new FOGO theme featured on the website. The building’s exterior reinforces messaging to employees and attracts the attention of passersby. The imagery includes men and women between the ages of 35 and 65 sharing fears of how they would get old through provocative copy and promotion of the new site.

The refreshed Get Old program exceeded all internal expectations and KPIs. The social community has grown by over two hundred percent. 

The launch of #FOGO in July fueled another uptick.


The success of the revamped program has enabled Pfizer’s corporate affairs team a total of 29 original media placements, including two stories in The New York Times, a mention by Dr. Phil and coverage in prominent trade publications, such as PharmaVOICE and PharmExec. Media coverage has generated more than 50 million impressions and includes a radio media tour conducted in June with Men’s Health Network, which leveraged Men’s Health Awareness Month to highlight key improvements in men’s health and help close the gap with women’s longevity.

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