Huge and Sean Combs launched, a new kind of music channel.

At the 2013 Cannes Lions Festival, Sean “Diddy” Combs announced an ambitious new endeavor: REVOLT Media & TV. His goal was to revolutionize the music world by building a new type of channel that works seamlessly across broadcast television, the Internet and mobile devices for today’s digital-first generation. REVOLT would fill the void left by MTV's contemporary focus on reality TV and become for music and culture what ESPN is for sports. 

With a Fall 2013 launch date planned for both the TV channel and REVOLT.TV site, Combs tasked Huge with creating a truly unified digital experience. Raw, uncensored and supported by a new technology stack, REVOLT content would be simultaneously presented on-air and featured on the site, with real-time user-generated content broadcast on the channel. Huge assembled a team to complete the site in less than three months. Working closely with Combs and the team at REVOLT, we rapidly developed a series of prototypes that allowed us to design the site in parallel with the channel's development. 

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Because younger users today expect an opportunity to create - not just consume - we designed the site as a unified platform for both music sharing and music discovery, focusing not just on content and programming, but also on social media and user interaction. We designed the mobile experience first, simulating the interaction most common to mobile experiences. We then implemented a responsive design solution reaching across all devices and screen sizes. Because its audience has grown up reading content in a feed format, the heart of the REVOLT.TV experience is a constantly updated stream of content, providing both a 'lean in' experience where users can dig deep into the content as well as a 'lean back' experience where users can receive an automatically updated feed of content on any device or computer. 

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We used parallax to animate the scrolling action, making the feed feel dynamic and engrossing. The team also created various ways to integrate advertising directly into the feed, developing layouts for standard and premium ads as well as sponsored content that would feel like natural extensions of and partnerships with the REVOLT brand rather than distractions from the experience.

REVOLT.TV launched in November 2013, reaching nearly 50 million young adults across the web, mobile, social media, and TV. Instead of using advertising to promote the launch, REVOLT relied on word-of-mouth to connect with its target community. Nearly a million unique visitors visited Revolt.TV over the next few months, with traffic growing by 30% each month. Fifty five percent of site visits are on mobile devices. In 2014, REVOLT.TV won the IAC Outstanding Website Award and was featured on Google’s Creative Sandbox. 

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