Scion's new website predicts needs and helps people buy the right vehicle.

Scion, a North American brand of automobiles from Toyota, celebrates authenticity, transparency, passion and value. In 2014, the brand was preparing to launch two new products as well as deliver more transparency to customers through its buying process. In order to align the innovation the brand represents with its digital experience, the automaker turned to Huge. 

Huge and Scion partnered to redesign and re-platform the Scion website, dubbed Scion 2.0, to launch along with the new iM and iA vehicles in the fall of 2015. Scion's previous website’s infrastructure was more than a decade old; the flexibility to adjust content and meet the expectations of the savvy Millennial buyer was now a necessity. Moreover, it was not responsive, and a new user experience that matched the passion of the new products was paramount. 

Everything you need but the keys.

Our solution was based on the premise that shopping for a vehicle should be as much fun to research as it is to test-drive; it should surprise customers along the way and provide all the tools they need to make a purchase when they’re ready. 

The website features a design based on the same simple and easy approach Scion provides a consumer when buying at the dealership. Within each model’s product page, the user can find the most important information and tools front and center, and take immediate action to find the model they want at a local dealership. Now with improved usability and visibility, the redesigned website allows users to experience the same surprise as consumers upon discovering all the features that come standard with Scion's products.

Built-to-last technology.

Huge built a best-in-class technology solution for Scion 2.0 using Amazon EC2 Cloud environment, allowing cost-efficient hosting and unlimited scalability. The site is supported by HP’s Teamsite CMS to allow the company to easily make updates and enhancements. It also integrates with Oracle Bluekai’s DMP to enable a personalized experience to its consumers based on their research history and preferences. Through this completely re-engineered digital strategy, Scion 2.0 will be able to continually offer users an innovative, friendly and efficient car-shopping experience.

More Work.

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