Target’s Interactive Wedding Catalog repositions the brand as a registry destination, while inspiring users to “Be yourself, together. That’s love.”

Target's Interactive Wedding Catalog.

In 2012, Huge helped Target re-imagine marketing around its wedding and registry digital offering. This initiative began with a marketing strategy and communications plan and extended through the creative phase and into execution and implementation. 

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Time to rebrand.

Target had several obstacles to overcome in the wedding and registry market. As part of the Discovery phase, Huge conducted stakeholder interviews with multiple parties at Target, a competitive audit and audience research on the existing wedding sub-brand, “Club Wedd.” For usability testing, Target helped us recruit representative customers from the key target demographic. As a result of this one-on-one testing in our on-site usability lab, we found that “Club Wedd” lacked equity and was confusing to Target audiences. Moreover, gift-givers often associated Target with mundane errands instead of special gifts. Finally, the competitive audit revealed that department stores were talking to couples and framing the wedding experience in traditional, limited ways that came off as old-fashioned and passé.

We recommended rebranding and elevating the wedding division to the overall Target brand as “Target Wedding.” We also saw an opportunity to portray Target as a place that offered the same brands as department stores, but at a better deal. Even further, Target could redefine the idea of an acceptable wedding gift. Our strategy was to communicate to brides and gift-givers that Target has everything they would traditionally include in their wedding registry, plus nontraditional items they might just want for themselves.

New tagline; new look

Creatively, Huge designed and came up with the tagline: “Be yourself, together. That’s love.”—a campaign to get all types of couples excited about creating registries that reflect their unique partnerships. The campaign would also reinforce the range of products available at Target, from brand names like KitchenAid and Keurig to unique gifts such as grills and camping equipment, and reassure brides-to-be that it was okay to register for different kinds of items.

The new look and feel of Target Wedding required a whole new library of photography assets, which would be used in both campaign material (, online advertising, print, eCRM, etc.) and the digital wedding catalog. Our strategy was to bring six unique couples to life alongside Target products available through Target registries; the photography needed to combine stunning images with editorially curated products. Huge both developed the creative direction and art-directed the three photo shoots. During the production phase, we worked closely with Target’s internal agency on all aspects of production. While Huge oversaw the shoot, Target’s agency led the execution, which included a shoot with renowned photographer Ilan Rubin.

The ultimate digital catalog.

Huge then created a powerful digital experience to replace the traditionally printed catalog, combining the inspirational elements of print with the utility of the web. In order not to lose the paper catalog audience completely, we developed an abbreviated print catalog that became a direct mail effort pushing consumers to the new online version. This not only saved Target money; it also changed the way couples build their registries. The digital catalog, unlike common PDF/ “Flip Book” catalogs, is a luxurious, lean-back, engaging experience that integrates registering with browsing. More aspirational than PDF or print equivalents, it capitalizes on the user’s daydreams and feelings, and ties them to clear calls to action. The overall campaign experience allows prospective registrants to discover content and begin building their registry simply by “hearting” items they like throughout the catalog. The result was a new paradigm for digital catalogs. 

Digital enters the store.

Finally, Huge helped Target conceptualize and design kiosks that allow couples who prefer browsing in the store itself to build their digital registry on-site. We outlined the possible guest interactions with the kiosks and advised Target on which Wedding marketing content to leverage in the digital kiosk experience.

Target Wedding

The integrated Wedding campaign launched in April 2012 across web, mobile, social, print and in-store, and eventually involved email and online advertising executions. While Huge created the banner ads to drive customers to the Wedding site, we consulted Target’s media agency and in-house team to determine the appropriate media and placement mix. Since launch, Target has seen a 12% increase in the number of registrants and the size of registries, which has translated into a large increase in revenue. 

More Work.

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