Today Show.

A new digital experience brings the most popular morning show to mobile.

Nearly 5 million people start every morning with NBC’s TODAY. And now, with the redesign of TODAY’s app, devoted viewers can tap into the show’s same distinctive content and personality on their smallest screens.

For the digital team at TODAY, launching a new app was an opportunity to reinforce their connection with fans, as well as celebrate the 65th anniversary of the show. “Our goal is to reward loyal users and fans, and for the app to become a natural, addictive habit just like watching the show every day,” says Sarika Dani, director of product at TODAY. 

Today Show on NBC

Informed by extensive viewer feedback and quantitative research, TODAY worked side-by-side with Huge over three months to build an experience that makes it fun to find content, watch video, and catch up on daily highlights. A new feature, The Digest, greets users with a curated feed of the best moments of the day. Every part of the new design, from the playful animations to the bright colors to the streamlined navigation, is infused with TODAY’s friendly and approachable personality. 

With its mobile-native content, the release of the app also showcases an exciting new level of collaboration between TODAY’s newsroom and product teams. “We are only at the beginning of building a whole new portfolio of mobile experiences,” says Moritz Gimbel, VP of product at NBC Digital News Group. “This is our first step.”

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