Introducing Playdium, the digital jukebox that delivers a new kind of entertainment experience.

Reinventing on-demand entertainment.

TouchTunes Music Corporation, a producer of digital jukebox and entertainment products, provides digital entertainment platforms to over 70,000 venues. The company is second only to iTunes in paid music plays. TouchTunes recognized that the way we dine out is changing, and restaurant patrons are ready for a new way to access entertainment and service at their favorite venues — without sacrificing familiar favorites like the jukebox, still the gold standard for on-demand music. 

TouchTunes asked Huge to help them revolutionize in-venue entertainment with Playdium, a new vision for digital jukeboxes. 

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Jukebox redux.

For many people, it can be a little intimidating to choose songs at a jukebox. There’s a balancing act between choosing what you want to hear and what the crowd might like — and it can feel like there are only seconds to find the “right” song. We needed to reimagine jukeboxes to make them more inviting and help users make great choices. 

We started by conducting interviews and making site visits to understand how patrons approach jukeboxes at different kinds of venues. Motion studies helped us understand how users actually interact with existing technology. We learned that patrons want a compact interface that delivers a big experience, with as few steps to song selections as possible. And they love getting clues that help them align their own music preferences with the mood of the venue. 

How we built it.

Huge’s UX strategy makes it easy to find the song that the customer and the crowd want to hear. First, venues select from a variety of “music profiles” that reflect the unique vibe of the space or occasion. The TouchTunes interface learns from user selections to offer more and more relevant suggestions as people continue to choose songs. An option to select songs right from the table makes it easy to participate, even for less adventurous patrons who don’t want to make their selections publicly. 

Our simplified navigation and search function allow users to choose songs within seconds.

Playdium’s appearance is stylish and modern, but we needed to help people recognize the updated design as a jukebox. We created an inviting user interface design to match the look of the digital jukebox’s exterior. Media-rich content featuring music videos and images of artists offers a rich experience on a compact, 23-inch screen. Our simplified navigation and search function minimize click-through, allowing users to choose songs within seconds. 

1500 locations. 

TouchTunes is presently installing the new interface in 1500 locations across the US, with more to follow. The next step will be to apply this visual design language to their mobile app for a more cohesive, on-brand experience. The result: more song plays and greater engagement in venues across North America.

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