With a lifestyle blog, class directory & the brand’s first ecommerce site, the new Zumba.com empowers people to get fit & join the dance party.

Ditch the workout. Join the party.

Zumba’s joyful, fun, and expressive call to arms has inspired over 15 million people globally to attend weekly classes. Fans have formed a vibrant community that is passionate about the brand. Many students become instructors themselves, and the Zumba Instructor Network, or ZIN, is a major force. They are the brand’s marketers, its salesforce, and its products.

The challenge was to invite this community to engage online, mobilizing the exceptional brand loyalty of ZINs and their students to drive the expansion of the Zumba brand. Huge’s challenge was to reinvent Zumba’s digital identity in order to fuel the fitness craze with other branded products, including apparel, home exercise equipment, nutrition programs, and editorial content.

Reimagining the Zumba lifestyle.

Zumba is a toolkit for self-expression. Just like the classes themselves, Zumba.com can be a joyful, empowering lifestyle experience. With its emphasis on individuality and fun instead of technique or intensity, Zumba is different from other fitness brands. In a sea of black yoga pants, Zumba’s fun and colorful style empowers women to be themselves. Zumba.com must inspire users to shop the clothing catalogue, find a Zumba class, and spread the word about the healthy, fun Zumba lifestyle.

"The redesigned site enables women’s relationships with the Zumba brand to evolve holistically, along with their level of engagement."

Huge completed a total reworking of Zumba.com, creating a responsive online experience that brings together an ecommerce site, a lifestyle blog, and a core directory of classes and instructors. The goal was to increase conversion and average order value and decrease cart abandonment and bounce rate. A new responsive design enables Zumba’s consumers to find a class or make a purchase from any device, even on the go.

We reframed the clothing line to highlight fashion, function, and fit, making the clothes accessible and attractive to a range of body types and skill levels. By reflecting the complete consumer lifecycle - from home DVDs to classes to ongoing participation in the Zumba culture - the redesigned site enables women’s relationships with the Zumba brand to evolve holistically, along with their level of engagement.

We’ve built a site experience for Zumba that reflects the in-class experience to engage users in a meaningful way. By combining ecommerce with a rejuvenated brand strategy, Zumba.com gives brand fans a reason to visit the site and inspiration to come back.

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