Huge's LA Office Hosts the AI LA Community.

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Huge's LA Office Hosts the AI LA Community.

The AI LA Community will be hosting their third installment at Huge with a solid focus on AI & immersive technology.

100% ticket proceeds benefit after school digital learning programs for underserved youth in the city of LA run by LA's BEST. 


  • Ramsay Brown is a creative technologist, neuroanatomist, escaped circus bear, and oxford comma enthusiast. A SoCal native, Ramsay trained at the Brain Architecture Center @ USC where he worked on brain mapping and pioneered a Google Maps for the Brain. Now he's the Chief Operations Officer at Dopamine Labs, where he and his team use AI and Neuroscience to make apps more addictive AND help people break app addiction. An emerging leader in neuroinformatics, Ramsay's obsessed with exploring and building things that live at the intersection of brains, minds, and machines. You can find his work, ideas, and copious fur on 60 Minutes, TechCrunch, Big Think, and GQ. 
  • Tricia MacKenzie, PhD, a leading neuroscientist, has been advancing the field for over a decade. Tricia developed the first complete model of cortical neural networks, which remains the most accurate representation of how the brain works to date. An accomplished hardware designer since age 20, her startup, Synaptic, leverages over a billion dollars in research and proprietary algorithms she developed for hardware of her own design. This technology allows for the fastest, and highest resolution brain machine interface (BMI). Synaptic’s BMI for virtual reality experiences enables users to unlock their cognitive potential. 
  • Brandon Wirtz has been creating AI based on Mind Simulation for more than two decades. Brandon builds high-efficiency AI, which has been part of solutions for everything from chess engines to flight simulators to search engines to law enforcement. With experience building Operational AI, Numeric AI, Linguistic AI, and Rational Systems from the ground up, few people have as much hands-on knowledge of what is possible in state of the art. Brandon currently is the CEO of Recognant a multi-disciplinary AI company powered by Loki an AI who writes and maintains several million lines of her own code. 
  • Steven Schkolne is one of the world’s foremost experts in 3d interface design. For his PhD at Caltech he built the world's first full body VR painting software, laying the foundation for many of today’s VR builders such as TiltBrush and Quill. Upon graduating, he launched a successful emerging technology agency, which has done everything from building AR apps for kids in partnership with Crayola, to making the world's first robots react movie trailer for Fox. His latest project, 3dSunshine, available on SteamVR, empowers 3d building in VR for Minecraft and Space Engineers. Schkolne is deeply interested in how society interacts with, and is changed by technology. He has written for the Huffington Post and is currently a top writer in VR and Futurism on Medium. 
  • Mark Walsh is CEO and founder of Motional.ai, where he is turning character interaction into a new technology interface. Motional produced the PSVR experience Gary the Gull, the first interactive character in VR. Previously, Mark spent 18 years creating characters for Pixar, directing Partysaurus Rex and supervising animation for Ratatouille and Finding Nemo. 


  • Seth Rosenberg, Investor at Greylock Partners, works with entrepreneurs who are building consumer products and platforms from messaging to e-commerce to AR, VR, apps, games, and more. Prior to joining Greylock, Seth worked as a Product Manager at Facebook where he led initiatives for the Messenger Developer Platform. He oversaw the transition from Facebook to a standalone Messaging app, managed integrations with key partners, such as Uber, Lyft and KLM, and launched the open developer platform, with over 30,000 developers. In just two years, Messenger went from 200 million users to 1 billion users. Before Facebook, Seth worked at Goldman Sachs in New York doing tech & media investment banking. At Goldman, Seth helped take companies public, including RetailMeNot and Intelsat, worked on financings for AT&T, and helped with the sale of Tekelec to Oracle. Seth received a Bachelor of Commerce with Honors from Queen’s University. 

About HUGE: A digital agency providing strategy, marketing, design, and technology services to Fortune 100 companies. The company was founded in 1999 and was named the fastest growing marketing agency in 2009 by Advertising Age. Huge has offices in Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Portland, Washington, D.C., São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Atlanta, Toronto, Bogota, Medellin, Singapore, Oakland, London, and Detroit. 

About Brainitch: Brainitch is an applied AI technology company that partners with creators, brands, and media companies to scale private focus groups on Facebook Messenger to test creative and nurture fandom between fans. Their product HANS℠ methodologies deters common biases found in other data collection and research tools, so organizations can make more accurate predictions listening to real consumers, not professional test takers.

About LA's BEST: Founded in 1988 by Mayor Tom Bradley, LA's Best exists as a partnership between the City of Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Unified School District and the private sector. It provides a safe and supervised after school education and recreation program for over 25,000 elementary school children across 195 schools in the most economically distressed neighborhoods of LA. LA's BEST has been proven to deter gang involvement and improve test scores.

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