Thomas Prommer Talks AI in Apartment Marketing at Aim 2017.

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Thomas Prommer, Managing Director, Technology at Huge, Speaks on AI in Apartment Marketing at AIM 2017.

The Next Wave: Artificial Intelligence in Apartment Marketing.

Prediction: the next wave of technology to impact multifamily operations will be automated marketing technology. In seven years, digital marketing may primarily be managed by artificial intelligence and bots, changing the role of the marketer and the marketing analyst dramatically. How do you prepare for a near future when digital tools can outperform humans in many phases of the marketing stack? 

Any manual process in marketing, customer analytics, lead nurturing, pricing or sales is susceptible to being done by an algorithm or bot. The next big marketing company in multifamily will heavily feature automation as a differentiator and route to always-on consistency. 

Industry outsiders will look at how automated marketing is disrupting travel industry marketing. And we'll look at how agencies are using AI to run marketing campaigns that drive results. As the technology gets cheaper, it will impact multifamily in a big way. Sit back and see into the next 24 months of marketing innovation as it's being applied to other sectors.

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