Josh Payton Keynotes on the Future of UX at By Design Conference.

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Josh Payton, VP of User Experience, Europe, Keynotes at By Design Conference 2015.

The Future of User Experience and the Rise of the Digital Polymath

The digital world is at an inflection point and the implications demand that organizations hire designers who are smart generalists. Think about the moment we’re in: mobile, big data and personalization are converging to drive truly novel user experiences across countless new channels and in real life. In this post-screen world, the lines between the physical and the digital blur. It’s a world of experiences, less and less dependent on any one platform, device, interface or technology. The best designers for this new environment are those who can confidently navigate change by adapting, rather than clinging to a specialty in which they were formally trained or have the most experience. This talk will discuss how the user experience discipline has evolved alongside the digital industry and what implications this has for the future. It will explore the history of user experience, dating back to the early days of graphic design, and will share anecdotes and case studies from what I’ve seen during my fifteen years of professional experience working with clients around the world. As the digital landscape becomes increasingly complex and dependent on sophisticated specialization, user experience must expand to accommodate connections between the digital and the organic, adapting to and guiding the evolution of products and services.

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