Todd Lefelt Talks Design Leadership at CHI 2016.

This event has passed.

Todd Lefelt, Managing Director of User Experience at Huge, Speaks on a Panel on Design Leadership at CHI 2016.


The Design Management Institute released a report that shows clear positive correlation between design driven organizations and share holder-value. It shows that design-centric organizations have outperformed the S&P by 219% over the past 10 years. The report further notes that such companies go beyond using design as a service and see it as a catalyst for organizational changes and for driving business strategy and innovation. This shift in perspective is placing experience design center stage in the organizational transformation, and placing new demands on design teams and their leaders. This panel will focus on the changing role and responsibilities of design leaders. What are the new skills needed for success? How do leaders attract and nurture a high performance team? How do we articulate the value of design to the larger organization to maximize their impact? We will discuss these questions and more and share best practices, tips and tricks for success.

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