Todd Lefelt, Naseem Sayani and Tableau host the Designing for Tomorrow Summit in LA.

This event has passed.

Todd Lefelt, Naseem Sayani and Tableau present strategies for preparing your business for the next generation of users.

Brands are increasingly defined by the experiences they enable and the value they create for users. Fueled by data, this next generation of brand capabilities creates personal value for every individual. It’s no longer enough to activate your brand on the web, mobile, gaming consoles and connected TVs. Your brand must also reach users in-store, on the streets and at home by putting data to work to make people's interactions and lives better.

To prepare for this shifting dynamic, brands should be more strategic in how they are defining the future consumer, planning and executing business transformation and incorporating data into their strategy.

In this summit, hosted by Huge and Tableau, we will explore three crucial strategies and tactics for “future proofing” your business: defining the future consumer, predicting competitive threats from other brands and startups, and using data for predictive decision making (not just reactive reporting).


  • The Future Consumer Todd Lefelt, Managing Director, User Experience: For nine years Todd has helped Huge define its User Experience offerings. At Designing for Tomorrow, Todd will take a first hand look at defining the future consumer, utilizing research on kids age5–12.
  • The “Reverse Wargaming” Innovation Approach Naseem Sayani, Vice President, Strategy: Naseem has extensive experience helping clients build user-first growth strategies. In this panel, she will discuss disruptive growth triggers and simple ways to predict competitive threats from other brands and startups.
  • Expand Our Creative Potential Wade Tibke, Vice President, Tableau Software: Wade will present insights on the role of data as it shapes our perception of the world and how empowering people with data can expand our creative potential, encourage experimentation, and drive innovation and disruption.

 9 am–12 pm, March 3rd, 2015. This event is limited to a small number of senior executive attendees. Please RSVP to request a seat.

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