Huge London Hosts Digital-Physical Experiences Meetup.

This event has passed.

Samantha Belt, Senior Planner at Huge, Discusses Retail Experiences at DiPhy London.

DiPhy brings together marketers, technologists and creatives to discuss how to create digital-physical experiences, applied to products, services, brands, cities and charities. Their February meetup will be hosted at Huge's new London office. The event will include three 15 minute talks by speakers who are working on creating experiences that bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds, and will be followed by drinks and networking.

Samantha Belt will present one of these 15-minute talks, where she will be focusing on the digital-physical retail experience. While brands continue to invest in digital, she believes there’s still some way to go before the digital-physical retail experience becomes seamless. Samantha believes that everything brands do in the physical and digital worlds should demonstrate an understanding of what they care about as a brand and what their customers care about as individuals. She illustrates her viewpoint with examples of brand wins and fails in the retail space.

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