Kevin Nichols Speaks on his Vision for Content Strategy.

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Enterprise Content Strategy: Standing Your Content Up For Success.

Like it or not, your content lives within an enterprise. But Enterprise Content Strategy sometimes sounds as if it’s a huge and unassailable concept. Images such as a boiling ocean come to mind. Maybe some folks feel that they can’t even get their heads around a singular channel engagement (a website) let alone an enterprise. But what if all these seemingly insurmountable constraints are what is keeping you from realizing the full potential of your content in the first place? What if boiling the ocean is merely a mirage for a reality you can in fact face and against which you can stand you content up for success?

Join us for an exciting talk where author Kevin Nichols will unleash his vision for Content Strategy in 2016 and beyond. Five lucky guests will receive a copy of his book: Enterprise Content Strategy: A Project Guide. Doors open at 6:30, followed by a talk and happy hour at 7.

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