A Web Developer Walks into a Bar: Exploiting Laughter for Fun and Profit.

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The average American spends approximately 600 hours per year browsing humorous content on the internet. Conversely, we spent about 4 minutes making up that statistic. But you bought it, didn’t you? How much time have you spent endlessly scrolling through BuzzFeed? How many hours spent watching, sharing and rewatching the latest viral clip? How many billable hours? Are you history’s greatest monster? Maybe. But you’re probably just the target of the skillfully crafted and promoted work of the people who have dedicated their lives to being funny on the internet.

Watch Huge and BuzzFeed, College Humor and Onion Labs discuss what it means to be funny in the information age. Find out how humor differs online and off, how to push the limits of taste, and how brands can leverage online humor to increase user engagement, enhance brand identity, and even drive conversion.

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