Julie Kondo and Kieran Weston Talk at Singapore Design Week.

This event has passed.

Julie Kondo, Associate UX Director at Huge, and Kieran Weston, User Experience Director at Huge, Speak on How to Build an Effective Personal Design Portfolio at Singapore Design Week.


Portfolio reviews continue to be one of the most efficient and popular methods that hiring managers and recruiters use to identify candidates from people who aren’t a good fit. For junior and early-career UX researchers and designers, having a good portfolio can significantly increase your chances of landing a good fit or even a dream job role.

At this event, UX experts from full service digital agency Huge will share what makes a personally effective portfolio and how to avoid common pitfalls and mistakes. Attendees will gain insight into what hiring managers and UX agencies look for when reviewing UX design portfolios.

Bonus! Huge designers will also share on what it’s really like to be a UX Designer, so junior designers or those exploring a UX career should definitely come by.

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