Susan Wiker Talks SEO at General Assembly NYC.

This event has passed.

Susan Wiker, SEO Lead at Huge, Speaks On the Basics of SEO at General Assembly NYC.

The Basics of SEO and How to Interpret Your Organic Data.

Event Overview: 

A discussion, led by Susan Wiker, on the basics of search engine optimization, including technical best practices and content ideation. The session will also focus on how to interpret search analytics data with a specific focus on Google Search Console.  

What You'll Take Away: 

  • Learn the basics of how search engines work, including what the myriad of algorithm changes means for your website 
  • Review industry best practices to build a solid base of SEO knowledge
  • Get introduced to new ways of approaching content creation to reach new users earlier in the decision-making funnel
  • Walk away armed with tools that inform the optimization process  

Why It Matters: 

SEO has one of the highest returns on investment among all marketing strategies and is an important consideration in design, UX, content, and technology, making it an invaluable skill set for anyone managing a website.

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