Sophie Kleber Talks Emotional Intelligence at Generate.

Sophie Kleber, Executive Director, Product and Innovation at Huge, Talks Designing Emotionally Intelligent Machines at Generate SF.

We’re entering a new wave of human-computer interaction. Ubiquitous computing and intuitive UIs, especially voice UI, make our interactions with computers much more fluid and natural. In research we found that when machines talk, people assume relationships, and assume some level of emotional connection with that machine. This can humanise brands and create deep relationships like never before. As designers of brand interaction, how do we ensure the emotional aspect of machines and services are more "Big Hero 6" and less "Ex Machina?" With affective computing, we can design experiences that are intelligent and empathetic.

This session will explore how empathy is becoming an important design element in the machine reaction algorithm, in what ways we can design emotional machine reactions, and what framework we need in order to continue to do the right thing. Sophie Kleber, Executive Director of Product and Innovation at Huge, will evaluate current examples of emotional computing, and introduce frameworks that can help us design for emotional intelligence.

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