Hacking Interviews.

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Huge hosts the Atlanta JavaScript Meetup Group.

This month's topic will focus on tech interviews. Nick Larsen and Sam Lawrence will discuss their experiences from both the interviewer and interviewee perspectives.

Nick Larsen (cultureofdevelopment.com) has worked at Stack Overflow for more than 4 years. While there, he has interviewed over 200 job candidates, and while doing so, has compiled a list of the most important things that they look for, as well as a list of the most common mistakes people make. 

Sam Lawrence (samelawrence.com) is a self-taught programmer who works for StrataCloud as a QA engineer. He has a unique, eye-opening strategy for job interviewing which you'll get to see first-hand. Sam is also a musical fanatic and DJs around town from time to time.

For more information, check the Atlanta JavaScript Meetup Group.

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