Code Huge: Lessons in Open Source from the MongooseJS ODM.

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What it's like to manage a high-profile GitHub project, from The Code Barbarian.

On May 26, Valeri Karpov, a NodeJS Engineer for MongoDB who maintains numerous MongoDB-related npm modules and who blogs at The Code Barbarian, will join Code Huge to talk about the Open Source community, the trials and tribulations of managing a high-profile GitHub project, and to do a deep dive into some of the latest MongooseJS features. Valeri is also the author of Professional AngularJS and gave the MEAN stack its name. 

About Code Huge: We’re a group of enthusiastic technologists who code (and work at digital agency Huge). At Code Huge, we won’t talk about methodologies or show cute products — we’re going to show code. Every time. Front end, back end, big data – anything. Anyone who codes is invited and encouraged to join.

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