Elizabeth Zagroba Talks Public Bug Reports at Let's Test.

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Elizabeth Zagroba, QA Analyst at Huge, Speaks on How to Handle Bugs Reported by a Customer on Social Media at Let's Test 2016.


Your social media accounts are the most visible part of your company. Embarrassing complaints there are make-or-break for gathering new customers and keeping up appearances. You get a bug report from a user on Twitter. The user hasn’t crammed clear steps to reproduce and their environment information into 140 characters. You have their frustration, and if you’re lucky, where the error occurred. You need to respond quickly to prove to the world that you care about your users. Now what?

In this presentation, we’ll figure out how to better serve your real-life customers and the developers trying to resolve their issues when the messages they’ve left you are cut off or garbled. We’ll explore some examples to come to a better understanding of:

  • How crashes detract from the charisma of the product and break down trust with the user
  • How to name or label views so users can report back where a specific problem occurred
  • What to write in a bug report to pique a developer’s curiosity
  • Why managing customer feedback is worth your time and effort
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