Mitsy Lopez-Baranello Speaks at Marketing Automotive.

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Mitsy Lopez-Baranello, Group Director, Planning & Strategy for Huge, Joins a Panel on Engaging Hispanics at the Marketing Automotive Conference.

There are over 55 million Hispanic Americans, about 17% of the U.S. population. Those numbers are growing fast, especially among Millennials and Gen Z. They buy cars, and they buy trucks, but the pitfalls are potentially huge: one the one hand, automakers want to reach the so-called “transcultural mainstream,” on the other, generalizing turns many off. With vastly different cultural orientations, this demographic cannot be looked at in a vacuum. How have innovations in digital media altered the way marketers engage the Latino market? What effect has data collection had specifically?

Mitsy Lopez-Baranello will be joined on this panel by Rochelle Newman-Carrasco, Chief Hispanic Marketing Strategist for Walton Isaacson.

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