Patten Studio Speaks at Huge's Brooklyn Office.

This event has passed.

Huge's Brooklyn Office Hosts a Talk With Patten Studio.

Architecting Experience: The Future of Interactive Design.

James Patten returns to Huge to talk about the convergence of interactive media and architecture. With Patten Studio Creative Director Mihae Mukaida, Patten will introduce a new set of interaction principles that look at how the design decisions we make today have huge implications on not just how we interact with each other but ultimately how our environments can shape us.

About Patten Studios: At the confluence of design, technology, and the built environment, Patten Studio creates interactive experiences that make physical objects and spaces come alive, melding tangibility, materiality, and technology to expand the vocabulary of design. From large scale installations for public and private institutions to experiential activations for global brands, their projects encourage play and exploration, evoke wonder, and ignite the imagination.

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