Huge Hosts its Second Annual Pi Day Hackathon.

This event has passed.

Huge Hosts its Second Annual Pi Day Hackathon.

We’ve invited high school students studying computer science to join a team of software professionals for 3 hours and 14 minutes to create anything that has to do with 𝜋 (or pie). This year we encourage any students to take lead on an idea and get mentored to see the execution come through. Prizes are TBA, but they’ll be just as awesome as last year.

So what exactly do you do for a 𝜋 Hackathon? You to tell us. There's only one rule: make it 𝜋-related.

Here are the rational rules behind everyone's favorite irrational number:

  • You will have 3 hours and 14 minutes to code.
  • Regarding what you make, the only rule is that your code must have something to do with 𝜋 (the vernacular 𝜋, so code doing something with a pie is another option).
  • You will have 3 minutes and 14 seconds to do your presentation (𝜋 minutes) Hack groups can be no larger than 5 but we encourage about 𝜋.

What does it mean to make a 𝜋-related application? Here are some ideas if you can't think of one:

  • An algorithm that calculates the digits of 𝜋 to a certain amount of places in 10 different programming languages
  • A recipe book application for cooking pies
  • A drawing application that utilizes 𝜋
  • A music application that features a song about 𝜋
  • An education application that helps children understand geometry with 𝜋

This is meant to be fun and not intense and crazy. Since you have only 3 and 14 minutes to make this right, we're looking for creativity and completeness of the application.

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