Aaron Shapiro Keynotes On Creating Digital Services at The Next Web Europe.

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Aaron Shapiro, CEO at Huge, Keynotes at The Next Web Europe.

The Secret to Creating Successful Digital Products and Services.

The best digital products today - the ones that users love because they make their lives better - are more than just great ideas. "Great ideas" fail all of the time. Successful products are ones that solve real problems for users. This talk will provide a roadmap for success: how to find a pressing problem to solve; how to execute a realistic plan to build a product that first solves it badly then solves it well; how to assemble the team to do that; how to continue momentum through design and development working in tandem; and finally how to launch, which is not the end but just the beginning. Aaron Shapiro, CEO of digital agency Huge, has helped some of the world's biggest companies create digital products and services used by millions of people around the world.

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