Leandro Brasil Talks UX at Next Web Event.

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Leandro Brasil, Experience Lead at Huge, Speaks on UX at The Next Web: Timeless User Experience Techniques.

The Next Web and Made in NY Media Center IFP are bringing together top designers across digital, hardware and print to discuss the art and technique behind timeless user experiences.

Much like design itself, we’ll be taking a deep dive into complex concepts in as little space as possible: throughout the course of the evening we’ll attempt to explore visions, past works, and vantage points for understanding the difference between fad and timeless, during Lightning Talk sessions lasting a mere five minutes, followed by a panel discussion.

Our first four speakers span physical product, publishing, and full-service agency. Check them out below:

  • James Krause, Lead Industrial Designer, Canary: This Internet of Things company has been shaking up the home security market with their beautiful multi-sensor, home-monitoring device. James has won both a Red Dot Design Award and an iF Design Award for his work on the Canary, so we’re sure he has plenty of useful insights to share with you about the design process when working on physical products.
  • Laura Holder, Director of Director of Newsroom Digital Design, The Wall Street Journal: Previously Creative Director at both Reuters & CBS, as well Interaction Designer at NYT, Laura has been working in digital spaces for traditional news outlets for over a decade. She’s an expert on the ever-changing space of convergent media.
  • Leandro Brasil, Product Design Lead, Huge: Leandro is a key part of the product design team at HUGE: one of the world’s leading full service digital agencies. He’s passionate about transforming the way brands interact with people, and is responsible for many of the interfaces that connect some of the world’s coolest companies to their customers.
  • Karyn Campbell, Product Designer, Etsy: Karyn leads a team working on buyer side of the online marketplace Etsy, where people around the world connect both offline and online to make, sell and buy unique goods. Previously, she ran her own design and writing studio, working with partners and clients at Collaborative Fund, IDEO, Sesame Street, Machine, Basecamp, Fast Company, The Brooklyn Museum, and CreativeMornings. 

Moderated by:

  • Jon Chang, Marketing Manager of New Launches, General Assembly: Jon is a growth marketing expert with a love for teaching. He's brings products to market at General Assembly, formerly ran social media marketing at MakerBot Industries, and instructs General Assembly's digital marketing business courses. In his spare time, he teaches marketing to high school students at Explo at Yale University to train the next generation of Internet marketers. Find, follow, and message him at jonchang.nyc and @changahroo.
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