Pop-up Studio Berlin - The Debrief.

This event has passed.

Transformation in Berlin.

Part experiment, part experience, we're putting a spotlight on digital transformation in Berlin with a one-of-a-kind evening for local business leaders and digital experts. The event is part of a pop-up studio tour by Huge in Europe.

This salon will summarize the research findings from our second pop-up studio in Berlin. Local insights will meet global perspectives as we bring together the people and stories we came across during a week spent researching digital transformation in Berlin.

Together with many of Berlin's digital pioneers, we will look into borderlines - the tipping point when unacceptable technologies turn into desirable innovation - and vice versa. As we constantly renegotiate our relationship with technology, how does this changing digital frontier reshape our cities, businesses and lives?

About Huge's pop-up project: local stories, global perspectives.
It's easy to talk about digital transformation as a global trend. But what does that transformation really entail? Seeking answers, Huge, one of the most renowned digital agencies in the US, has kicked off a pop-up studio tour in Europe. Throughout 2015, Huge will open various temporary studios in European cities. For one week each, they will serve as live research labs that examine digital transformation from a unique local perspective.

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