Being Human in a Digital Workforce.

Lots of autonomy, less mastery, and little purpose: We're about to be in a difficult spot.

Mariam Aldhahi
October 12, 2015

The digital transformation of the global workforce is nothing new. For decades, digital innovation has replaced humans on factory lines, in retail stores, and in nearly every avenue of customer service, but in the last few years, technology has evolved so quickly, it’s prompted a big question: What is the human role in a digital workforce? 

As a freelance economy grows and automation increasingly replaces formerly secure jobs, digital transformation has turned into an uncomfortable human transformation: “We’ve started moving from the point where we’re excited about the possibilities to the point in which we’re starting to think a lot more about the consequences,” said Martin Harrison, Head of Strategy of Huge in Europe, “And we’ve started seeing the consequences."

Harrison and Huge’s Till Grusche recently took the question to Hampus Jakobsson, a digital serial entrepreneur, Tim Leberecht, author of "The Business Romantic", and a group of business leaders and digital experts in Malmö and Copenhagen as the latest installment of Huge’s Pop-up Studios.

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