Digital Kids: The Next Generation Speaks.

A panel of 8-12 year olds sheds light on the post-millennial user.

Fern Diaz
November 14, 2014

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In conjunction with Huge’s second report on the new generation of digital natives, Born Hackers: Digital Kids Revisited, Huge Brooklyn hosted six 8-12 year olds for a panel discussion that touched on many surprising insights about the post-millennial segment of users.

Marissa Gluck, Director of Huge Ideas and co-author of Born Hackers, moderated a conversation that touched on everything from device and game preferences to a more nuanced look at what kids prioritize in terms of price, ease of access, and popularity.

In stark contrast with the millennial market, our panel revealed that kids don’t use Facebook, don’t know how to download music illegally, and much rather use video chat to connect with family than friends who they interact with on a regular basis. The ubiquity of Apple products in the home and in school is evident, and the dynamic between parents and kids when it comes to budget and the actual purchase of digital products is ripe for a deeper look.

Watch the entire conversation above and check out Born Hackers: Digital Kids Revisited here.

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