The Digital Transformation of Travel.

Technology is changing how and why we explore.

Till Grusche
February 26, 2016

At the end of 2015, we teamed up with journalists from Germany’s leading business newspaper, Handelsblatt,  for our final installment of Pop-up Studio, a live research lab. Held over four days in Duesseldorf, we went on field trips, interviewed experts and entrepreneurs from major companies and startups, and explored what the city could teach us about digital transformation.

We took the best of both our worlds—the journalistic techniques of a business newspaper and the user-centric approach of a design agency to gain the most we could. With just four days before our final event, we recorded interviews, wrote articles, and prepared a presentation to share our findings, weaving everything together in one narrative.

We chose a theme that gave us both a concrete starting point and opportunity for big-picture perspectives: Journeys—an exploration of how technology affects the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of travelling.

Separated into five chapters, these are the stories of our discoveries.

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Journeys | Access | Authenticity | Filters | Trust | Wayfinding

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