The Intersection of UX Storytelling + Content Strategy.

How the two fields can work together for great experiences.

Lindsay Stuart
October 15, 2014

User experience designers and content strategists are both responsible for telling stories. For UX Designers, the job is not only to pave a frictionless and functional path for users, but also to delight and fascinate them, which usually happens where the rubber meets the road in the planning, development and management of content. Where do these two fields intersect, and how do they work together to effectively create great user experiences? 

Doug Kincade, director of content strategy at Huge, was joined by UX designer Sarah Dzida from Kluge Interactive and Nicole Thayer, a designer at Pivotal Labs, to discuss the similarities and differences between UX and content strategy, as well as how the disciplines intersect in the agency world. Watch the full discussion above.

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