Connecting a Nation: Digital in Government.

A short documentary about efforts to make the US government more user-centric.

Tom O'Reilly
July 4, 2013

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Meet some of the public servants working to make the federal government more user friendly. We spoke to these innovators about some of the challenges government agencies face in digitizing the way they connect to citizens, and efforts to overcome those challenges. Featuring: Haley van Dyck, Office of Management and Budget; Steven VanRoekel, United States CIO; Cammie Croft, formerly U.S. Department of Energy; Brandon Hurlbut, formerly U.S. Department of Energy; Alex Howard, Digital Government Analyst; Stephen Buckner, U.S. Census Bureau.

Credits: Matt Lawrence, Director; Perry Blackshear, Director of Photography; Mea Cole Tefka, Senior Producer.

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