Pop-up studios.

Huge is opening temporary offices in five European cities throughout 2015. As live research labs, and for just one week each, these pop-up studios will explore digital transformation from a unique, local perspective, and facilitate meaningful encounters of business leaders and digital experts.

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  • Field research.

    On the road, a Huge team will immerse itself into local examples of digital transformation and learn from those who drive it.

  • Share out.

    Adding global perspectives, findings will be turned into discussions, and shared back instantly through media and carefully curated events.

The schedule.

  • March 23-27


  • May 4-8


  • August 17-21


  • October 12-16


  • November 16-20


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    Engage with the Huge pop-up studios: You can become a part of the story. You can attend one of our events. You can meet with us and learn more about our findings. Or just watch the films and read the articles from each pop-up studio week. Request an invitation for what we're doing next or reach out to tgrusche@hugeinc.com.

Previous pop-ups.

  • Berlin. Borderlines.

    Our second pop-up studio in Berlin took place in early May 2015 and looked into borderlines–the constantly moving divide between what a new technology can do, and what people really want and need. As technology evolves, one question remains relevant: How do we strike a balance between technological innovation and human desire? In a city once divided by an infamous border, and during Berlin Web Week, which brought together digital visionaries and unorthodox thinkers, we explored how changing digital frontiers reshape our cities, businesses and lives.

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    Hamburg. Connectedness.

    As a prototype, we ran our first pop-up studio in Hamburg. From March 24-28, 2015, we went on several field trips to explore connectedness in times of digital transformation and brought together local brand leaders and digital pioneers. We found unique transformation stories and local insights around Things & Spaces, Brands & Channels and People & Data.


Pop-up studios are a constant work-in-progress. Do you have an idea or a question? Reach out to tgrusche@hugeinc.com.

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