Culture is moving faster than ever. Stay relevant.

Culture Decoder

Maintaining relevance and authenticity often requires significant investment, both in terms of time and human resources. By closely analyzing emerging trends and harnessing insights that mirror shifts in culture, brands can make strategic, well-informed decisions that propel their growth.

Introducing Culture Decoder.

Our new AI-driven platform analyzes billions of data points to deliver industry-specific trend detection, analysis, and recommendations so brands know what’s important to their customers and which trends they should – and shouldn’t – engage with.

Discover the power of Culture Decoder for your business.
How we decode culture.

Culture Decoder is a SaaS application that ingests and analyzes data from social media platforms, review sites, blogs, forums, and news aggregators to align each trend with user-defined customer groups. It also calculates the size, sentiment, and momentum of each trend and recommends actions aimed at delivering growth.

Customer Fit

Measures the affinity between a specific customer group and the given trend. It’s calculated using proximity analysis techniques and is a proprietary metric developed by Huge’s Data Science team.


Huge's Data Science team has developed a proprietary metric commonly used in stock price analysis to accurately measure the velocity 
of trends.


Strategy recommendations are crafted by assessing the alignment and momentum of prevailing trends within specific customer segments, while also factoring in crucial metrics like size and sentiment.

Culture Decoder and Huge enable you to:

  • React quicker with better experiences

  • Discover new ways to engage with customers in authentic ways

  • Validate quantitative research more efficiently 

  • Discover new customer groups who care about trends relevant to your brand

  • Measure pitch or idea relevance to cultures 

  • Find new connections between things using parent and sibling trends

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