A trusted beauty brand gets a makeover that gives users around the world a unified experience.

Known for their sassy, “tell it like it is” voice and creative packaging, Benefit Cosmetics celebrates youthful irreverence, around the globe. The company boasts more than 3,000 beauty counters in over 35 countries, but giving all users a streamlined purchasing experience while communicating its brand vision has been a challenge. Working with Huge, Benefit implemented a new digital platform to showcase its brand and products, and drive sales from any device across the globe.

A fresh challenge.

With a strong brand affinity and boutique experience already in place, Benefit was uniquely positioned to take the lead in digital to reach their younger, international, and mobile-savvy customers. Beauty brands have traditionally struggled to leverage digital channels for sales, and this was something that Huge and Benefit wanted to turn around. Benefit's existing commerce experience had a complex navigation system and content organization that made it challenging to learn about the greatness of its product line.

We set forth to create a responsive site that felt intuitive and engaging for new users, while still familiar to existing users. We wanted to let the quirky product line and personal, "cool best friend" feel that customers get from Benefit's boutiques translate effortlessly into the design.

Benefit Cosmetics

Cosmetics you care about.

Retaining the unique Benefit voice was a critical and guiding element of Huge’s strategy and design process. Our goal was to translate the personality and style of the in-store Benefit experience in a cohesive visual digital landscape. Benefit’s tagline, “Laughter is the best cosmetic” immediately invokes makeup as playful and easy, and influenced the user experience in that direction. Huge then layered in Benefit’s eclectic, energetic and colorful look throughout the visual design. 

Huge worked with Benefit to completely restructure and reorganize the content, creating a digital experience that made it easy to research products, learn how to use them and ultimately make purchases. The cleaner layout, user-centered navigation, and bold product narratives maintain the brand's vibe while still delivering performance across all devices. The updated design simplified the user path to purchase and is easily scaled for new markets and local teams.

Solving dilemmas, on any device.

Huge introduced features to help users find the right products and looks for them, such as the Dilemma Solver, where users can find fixes to their beauty woes while allowing Benefit to merchandise products in new, delightful ways. 

In order to build a front-end template structure for scalability, Huge designed a module-based system that flexes seamlessly across screen sizes and presents a consistent experience for the user. Our tech team chose a Susy-grid approach and a gulp-based build system to best execute the experience. We implemented the gulp HTML build system to allow for a faster and more efficient workflow. The new site localizes to accommodate 30+ international markets, allowing Benefit to maintain a streamlined global ecommerce experience across devices. 

The site launched in January 2016. We anticipate the redesign helping drive sales by putting forth a smoother user experience for beauty fans no matter what screen they’re using.

More Work.

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