The new SproutOnline.com lets parents and children explore original programming and connect with their favorite characters.

Sprout’s tagline, “Free to Grow,” isn’t just about growing up—it’s about progressing and advancing. In September 2015, Sprout—the 24-hour preschool television network—underwent a brand refresh to better showcase the real-life wonder and moments that preschoolers experience in the world. Huge helped create a new home for SproutOnline that applies Sprout’s core values and commitment to families in a unique digital experience.

For a decade, Sprout has been known as a channel for the younger preschool set. But the refresh and its focus on original programming reflect how Sprout has grown up along with its audience, while becoming a trusted resource for families to learn and grow together. The network has introduced new characters like Nina and Ruff-Ruff, Tweet, Dave and Floogals who help nurture children’s personalities, imaginations, and values.

Appealing to children and parents alike.

Huge’s work during initial strategy laid the foundation for a fully responsive site experience that would appeal primarily to children, presenting opportunities for them to explore their favorite characters and content. But we also provided parents with an effective way to access controls they need, like cable provider login and the ability to send content—like birthday cards—directly via Send to Sprout.

After user testing with children within the target demographic, Huge refined the site’s paths to content and calls to action to ensure an optimal user experience. We focused on usability to create an engaging site that provides children with intuitive interactive content, including video clips and games, as well as full episodes. We also integrated Sprout Now—Sprout’s TV Everywhere service—so users can access on-demand content or live TV streaming seamlessly once parents have authenticated via their cable provider.

Celebrating growth, continually.

During the development process, Huge and Sprout stayed in close contact, reviewing wireframes, designs, and development updates on a regular basis to create an interface and an architecture that would be easily navigated by users and managed by Sprout’s team efficiently and effectively.

With its usability, playful aesthetic, and strong brand message, the new SproutOnline.com gives young audiences and parents just what they need as they continue to grow.

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