Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion.

Make it personal.

Talk about it. Be about it.


To be catalysts for change and create a world where our people, clients, and users have equal opportunities to create, build, and grow - strengthened by diversity of thought, background, and perspective.


Huge believes that belonging and community are fostered when we give a shit about equity, inclusion, and accessibility. We're at our best when everyone is engaged and contributing to a more diverse and inclusive workplace.


Collective of varying identities and their intersectional nature, like race, gender and sexual orientation and extends to ethnicity, religion, nationality, and other dimensions of identities, backgrounds, and lived experiences.


Equity seeks to ensure fair treatment, equality of opportunity, and fairness in access to information and resources in a way that continues to correct & address imbalances.


Folks with different identities feeling and/or being valued, leveraged, and welcomed within a given setting (e.g., team, workplace, or industry).


Staying accountable.

In 2020, our leadership publicly announced a clear and measurable objective to increase the share of both Women and BIPOC Huge employees by 25% at the executive level within two years. We made the commitment to share DE&I data with our employees every six months and we are now committing to sharing it publicly once each year.

Huge Schools.

Huge Schools is back in Summer 2021 in Oakland. We’ll be offering a paid, accelerated training program for future leaders in Experience Design, but instead of solving for the UX talent shortage we’ll focus on hiring and retaining future design leaders who are Black, Indigenous and other People of Color. 

Pride Month 2021.

Pride is a month-long global celebration of LGBTQ+ rights and lives. Like any celebration, it’s a time to have fun and embrace life—but Pride is also a moment to advocate, raucously, for the lives and rights of LGBTQ+ people as it has been from its foundational moment as a riot against police brutality in New York. This year, as all of society reawakens from a painful period of the global pandemic, we have chosen to take an optimistic view once again of the future we can and should have together. In the spirit of Huge, the unified idea for this year’s Pride is “Hello, Queer Future.” Taking the opportunity to learn from the pain of the past year, we believe it's time to advance a vision beyond the old status quo.

Affinity groups.

Huge’s affinity groups are a grassroots movement, for employees, by employees meant to help us celebrate and support the diverse experiences of our workforce through education and outreach.


Huge's community for employees identifying with the African diaspora and allies.


RBG’s mission is to create a safe place for employees at Huge identifying with the African diaspora. We encourage mentorship, constructive dialog, and the learning of that shared history, its impact on the present, and what it means for the future.

Significant accomplishments.

Black Business Challenge engages the global network.

In celebration of Black History Month, Huge partnered with five agencies to spend at Black-owned businesses to close the Black-White wealth gap. All agencies surpassed the goal and spent a collective $148k, and Huge outspent its 2019 goal by $12k.

Investment in Black communities by the agency.

Part of Black History Month 2020, the weekly Chew on This lunch & learns led to almost $9,634.49 being spent with Black owned caterers across five offices.


Huge's community for women and women identifying individuals.


To create an inclusive work environment & opportunities for sponsorship, mentorship, community and activism. We are dedicated to the professional growth of womxn and non-binary employees; this is a safe space to learn, progress, lean in and be heard.

Significant accomplishments.

International Womxn’s Day involves the entire network.

Workshops and 23 mentor sessions with womxn at the VP+ level. Talent heard about career paths and learned the value of relationships and having managers, teams, and allies that really understand and support each other.

Investing in organizations with shared purpose.

Hugers auctioned off 33 “items” (time & talents) to support GirlForward. They raised $5,200, which will help GirlForward provide mentoring, education & safe space programs to girls ages 14-21 who identify as refugees, immigrants, and asylum seekers.



Huge's community for LGBTQ+ inclusion and diversity.


We create an inclusive, unifying experience for LGBTQ+ Huge employees and allies that allows us to draw strength from each others' unique experiences and better our own success.

Significant accomplishments.

Honorary Host of Leslie-Lohman Museum 2019 Gala.

Represented LGBTQ+ @ Huge at one of NYC’s largest affairs raising money and awareness for LGBTQ+ community in the arts.

External recognition for building inclusive internal culture.

Our Colombia office got an award from the district, recognizing our efforts to create an inclusive workspace for LGBTI communities.


Huge's community for parents & caregivers.


They provide Huge parents with internal support systems, awareness and other initiatives to help to ease the challenges of a demanding work and travel life and overcome gender barriers, aligning their approach to Huge’s values.

Significant accomplishments.

Quarantine means it’s more like bring your work to kids day.

Lil Miss Hot Mess sang, danced and read stories for Drag Queen Story Hour. Robert Sfeir taught woodworking and families learned new sustainability practices for Earth Week. Kids were also featured on @hugeinc.

Resources for adults & ways to support our kids’ creative spirit.

The Parents Hub has activities to help keep kids busy, resources on how to talk to kids about Covid-19 and ways to give back to the talents’ local communities.


Huge's community for immigrants.


To provide counseling, guidance, and information to all immigrants that work at Huge in order to enhance their working experience and personal life.

Significant Accomplishments.

Immigration Q&A.

On May 2019, our Immigrants at Huge affinity group hosted a discussion with our immigration lawyers to offer insights and education in these tumultuous times.

LatinX Heritage Month.

Our first gender-neutral Heritage Month celebrated the different geographies of the LatinX community with virtual events & in-depth conversations.

Asian Culture Collective.

Asian Culture Collective.

Formerly part of Huge Immigrants, ACC is Huge's community for individuals identifying with the Asian diaspora & allies.


The Asian Culture Collective (ACC) exists to celebrate and share Asian cultures, histories, and traditions, and more broadly, to celebrate our differences, regardless of background.

Significant accomplishments.

Lunar New Year.

120 Hugers, 550 dumplings, and 12 different zodiac predictions. Huge’s 2020 LNY was a cultural immersion through origami animal folding, Chinese calligraphy, and learning about the different traditions associated.

Asian Heritage Month.

A conversation with Peter Ash Lee. Peter spoke about the importance of representation in fashion and media and how he started his own magazine, Burdock, an arts and culture publication celebrating multi-dimensional Asian American experiences.

Leadership quotes.

"For the past year, our teams in DET have built a foundation normalizing conversations about race, privilege, microaggressions, white supremacy, and allyship. And, while conversation is essential, it's not enough. Those conversations have helped us reevaluate how we approach everything from our work to who we hire to our agency goals, and more.

Diverse representation is what makes it possible to deliver client solutions addressing the needs of ALL of their consumers. Leading with transparency means involving employees in developing solutions. Normalizing the tough conversations is how we uphold accountability when assessing future impact. We want to get it right 100% of the time, but learning from our mistakes is part of the process. We will face our mistakes head-on, learn, and we will keep working toward ongoing change."

Ranae Heuer, President, Chicago & Detroit

"Diversity, equity, and inclusion are core to who are are at Huge and fundamental to creating work with the potential to elevate the human experience. It starts inside our walls and extends to engaging with individuals in our neighboring communities who've historically been overlooked.

Through mentorship and education, I want to personally ensure our culture is accessible to individuals who've never imagined themselves here. Building a culture that celebrates our different voices and collectively empowers our people to make the best work of their careers is how we win. Everyone is welcome."

Alex Pym, MD, London

"I want to take this moment to talk with my fellow white colleagues.

Huge committed to improving the diversity of our staff and building a fairer, ore equitable environment. But that won't be enough. I have a challenge for myself and each of us. Wake up every day and ask two questions:

"What am I doing—knowingly and unknowingly—to maintain systems of oppression that disadvantage Black people?"

"What am I going to change about myself and the way that I work to dismantle them?" If you're not sure, another question is: "How am I going to educate myself to better understand these issues?" These questions aren't easy. They ask us to reflect on our own identities.

One part of my identity is that of being an ally, which has been imperfect. I can slide back into ways of working that are comfortable or easy. In my discomfort, I've centered myself in the conversation instead of being a better listener. I have fallen into the "I already know this" trap. How are you as an ally? What do you need to do better?

Creating systemic, structural, and forever change is not just the work of a department or leadership—though actions and commitment from leadership are critical! To create the environment and the culture we say we want, each of us needs to step up and own our individual role.

What about your own identity are you willing to challenge or change so that others can thrive?"

Adrienne Imbriaco, GVP, Talent