Create defining brand moments.

Experiential has become a strategic imperative for both brands and as a service offering from agencies, but executing a successful experiential activation or ecosystem is the real differentiating challenge for brands and agencies alike.

Huge navigates the complexity of integrating storytelling, digital ecosystems and physical spaces to build relationships between brand and customers. Our experiential practice is a carefully considered team, with in-house expertise in industrial design, engineering, technology, UX, content and creative to bring to life anything we dream up together. We weave narrative, technology, aesthetics, the physical world and media in a compelling fashion, while delivering ROI in mature and measured ways.

Select work.

  • Spatial planning.
  • Integrated concept design.
  • Prototype development.
  • Design development.
  • Architectural engineering.
  • Construction & installation.
  • Spatial analytics.
  • Experiential master planning.

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