How TODAY’s App Redesign Drives Loyalty With Curation.

NBC executives describe how they created a delightful mobile experience for brand loyalists.

Lauren Streib
March 3, 2017

To celebrate the 65th anniversary of TODAY and to honor its most devoted fans, NBC created an experience that brings the morning show’s personality to mobile.

The app makes it easy to discover videos and articles that build on the content of the broadcast program, but are created with a mobile reader in mind. Designed in collaboration with Huge in just 10 weeks, it includes a streamlined navigation, playful animations, and The Digest—a new iOS feature that gives users a curated feed of the day’s best moments.

Moritz Gimbel, VP of product at NBC Digital News Group, and Sarika Dani, TODAY’s director of product, sat down with Huge to discuss why the design process was something of a skill-building bootcamp for TODAY’s developers and how user feedback informed the final design.

Moritz Gimbel on developing a new process for product development:
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Sarika Dani on building a platform that honors TODAY's legacy:
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